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Garbage Pick up is every Friday. Please put your bin on the street curb the night before and remove from the street and put back on your property as soon as possible after pick up. Please do not leave bins on the street.

Blue Recycle Bins


  • Paper

  • Cardboard – please flatten boxes

  • All grades of plastics grades 1 thru 7

    • Washed and rinsed plastic food jars, tubs and lids, such as margarine, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, sour cream containers, plastic bottles and jugs with lids securely fastened, shampoo and bubble bath containers, detergent and other laundry product bottles

      • Please place these items in a clear plastic bag so they can be identified

      • Containers with pumps should have pump removed and discarded

    • Clear film plastic – shrink wrap, garment bags

    • Water softener bags, empty cat litter bags and grocery bags

      • Grocery bags should be separated from other bags, by putting them in large quantities within a separate bag

All containers must be free of food contaminates and liquids.
All metal must be removed.
Please remove spray trigger tops, metal handles and zippers.

Not accepted:

  • Plastic toys

  • Lawn furniture

  • Vinyl siding

  • Caulking tubes, motor oil jugs

  • Hazardous or medial waste

  • Plant trays, flower pots

  • CD and DVD cases

  • Packing peanuts or styrofoam

Please do not put garbage in the recycle bins!

Where can I recycle?

Go to

Scrap tires: (306) 721-8473,

Used oil filters and containers: 1-877-645-7275,

Now accepted at SARCAN:

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